How’s Grep the Cat?

Grep is good! He’s recently gained 2 human roommates and a canine roommate. He loves them both.

Where are you working?

I am working for a proprietary trading firm in Chicago’s loop as a DevOps engineer.

What are you working on?

  • Continuous Integration
  • Build artifact management
  • Workload orchestration
  • Deployment patterns
  • Monitoring & alerting
  • Automation
  • Data integrity
  • Research computing

Where are you living?

West Ridge Neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois


  • Piano (learning some pop songs)
  • Bread making
  • Soap making (melt & pour)
  • Biking
  • Tattoos? 🙂

How do I contact you?

Shoot me an email:

What else is new?

I have a consulting practice: SpicyOmelet Consulting LLC, check it out!